What Christ Died For

posted by Timothée Gauthier on Friday April 3, 2015

Today as we remember the death of Christ on a cross for our sins, I thought about those many who died these last days becuase they proclaimed Christ with their mouths. It is easy to hate the people who killed them, we can call them monsters, it is our natural response.

But what did Christ say to the men who where executed next to him, what did Christ say to the people who murdered him? What did The man we call Jesus the Christ say about his enemies?

It is so easy for us to target Muslims and say things against them, it is easy for us to turn against the foreigners who come to our countries. They are different, they do strange things, have a different culture from us. We can stir up fear of what may happen in our own countries, sowing fear in people's hearts.

This is false, by segregating these people from ourselves we will serve to create these problems we claim to be worried about. What did Christ do, he gave us the model. We are to show the same love that he showed us. We should show the same conviction as Christians who are struck down for what they believe. We should not tear each other down and plant seeds of discord but show love and compassion. Christ forgave those who murdered him.

We should reach out and love those who are different, we should build relationships and remove the segregation. These walls we have built up let the enemy work freely in the hearts of those who are lost. We need to be the light of the world and salt of the earth. We must not hide ourselves away from the world but be in the world to reach the sick and the needy, to guide the lost to the Shepard.

So on this Easter, let us remember those who died this week in Nigeria, and let us love those who have done these crimes. Let us love our neighbours, let us not turn our hearts against the homosexuals, the poor, the exploitive, the evil. Let us love them like Christ loved them, this is not a negotiable part, it is what Christ told us to do, it is our reason.

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